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Fake Phishing Website Mimicking Jaxx Wallet Shut Down - Ethereum World News (blog)


A few weeks ago a group of scammers set up a fake website similar to that of Jaxx Wallet with the aim of stealing the cryptocurrencies of users through illegal practices.

On September 12, Flashpoint, a cybersecurity firm which provides Business Risk Intelligence advice, posted an article on its official blog commenting that the fraudulent website had finally been shut down:

“A website spoofing the official Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet site has been taken down after analysts at Flashpoint discovered a number of infections linked to the operation.”

According to the information provided by Flashpoint, the website had an address and content similar to that of Jaxx’s, thus generating little suspicion among users.

Fraudulent Jaxx Website. Notice how it ends in .ws whereas the real Jaxx ends in .ioJaxx Logo

However, at the time of providing the download links for the PC desktop program, the fake walletcontained two malware: KPOT (which steals information from the local hard drive)...(continued)

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