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One small step forward, one giant leap back


This pilot fish is paying his monthly bills online when he discovers one of his utilities has changed the payment part of its website -- a lot.

"I clicked on the 'Payment' button, and saw that I now had the option of paying with or without logging in," says fish.

"OK, the no-login option could be handy, but I've been paying this bill online for years, so I clicked on the login option. It asked me for my user name and eight-digit PIN. What PIN? I have a long, secure password. I tried that. It didn't work."

And after several unsuccessful attempts, fish tries the no-login version -- which just takes him to the same screen asking his PIN.

He finally hunts down the customer service number, calls and explains that he wants to make a payment but nobody sent him a PIN. Customer service rep says he can give fish the PIN -- he just has to answer the security question he'd selected.

Fish looks in his list of security answers and finds the one he used when he set up this account. What's...(continued)

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