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Iran-Linked OilRig APT group targets high-ranking office in a Middle Eastern nation

Researchers from the Unit42 at Palo Alto Networks observed Iran-Linked OilRig APT group targeting high-ranking office in a Middle Eastern nation

The Iran-linked APT group OilRig continues to very active, it continues to improve the weapons in its arsenal.

TheOilRighacker group has been around sinceat least 2015,since then ittargetedmainly organizations in the financial and government sectors, in the United States and Middle Eastern countries.

The OilRig APT group was recently observed using a new variant of the OopsIE Trojan that implements news evasion capabilities.

Now researchers from Palo Alto Networks’s Unit 42 have uncovered a new campaign attributed to the group that targeted members of an undisclosed government in the Middle East with an evolved variant of the BondUpdater trojan.

In mid-August, the state-sponsored hackers launched a highly targeted spear-phishing email to a high-ranking office in a Middle Eastern nation.

“In August 2018, Unit 42 observed OilRig...(continued)

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