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Obsfuscation: Another Cyber-crime Contrivance to Bypass Antivirus Software


A malware sample that was unearthed recently, goes about changing the overall signature when the final payload is delivered via the obfuscation technique which succeeds to dodge anti-virus facilities. This technique is a great way for the cyber-criminals to escape the anti-virus scan. Most anti-virus products are dependent on the detection that uses signatures. The overall structure keeps on transforming, the functions don’t get altered, and an evasion layer is created that aids the malware to side-step the anti-virus detection. The most common means of the obfuscation technique that is employed in avoiding the anti-virus are, Packers, which compresses or ‘packs’ a malware program, Crypters that encrypt a malware program and other mutators which change the overall number of bytes in the program.
PowerShell Obfuscation which is a technique distributed in the form of a ZIP file that contains a PDF document and a VBS script was stumbled upon by a researcher. It was...(continued)
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