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State Department Email Breach


Last night, it wasreportedthattheStateDepartmenthas suffered a data breach. According to reports, some employees had their personal information exposed by abreach of an unclassified email system.Otherreportsstatedthat a report published earlier this year by administration watchdog Government Accountability Office said that theStateDepartmenthad only rolled out some form of two-factor authentication to 11 percent of required agency devices, despite a legal requirement to secure all accounts with higher privileges.

Pleas see below for commentary from cybersecurity experts.

Sam Curry, Chief Security Officer atCybereason:

“In the past, theStateDepartmenthas turned down help from other agencies to help them identify problems and improve. There are a lot of reasons for this such as they don’t want national security agencies snooping through their networks, can’t afford any down time, etc. However, considering the immense target that theDepartmentrepresents, it is not a very...(continued)

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