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Report Shows Increased Cybersecurity for Voter Registration in US

According to a report by theCenter for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR) nonprofit, shows that voter registration databases (VRDBs) are more secure in 2018, with most states involved in the survey have added access monitoring and backups.

CEIR's survey looked at three major areas of VRDB security, prevention, detection, and mitigation to be able to quantify the progress made by the surveyed US states since the 2016 election.

Although many of the 26 states surveyed managed to step up their cybersecurity efforts, there still are many areas where VRDB security is still lacking.

Moreover, multi-factor authentication is only used in 13 out of the 26 states, the other ones allowing unsecured logins that could be bypassed by threat actors that obtain login credentials.

Out of the states which deployed MFA on their VRDBs, most of them are using physical MFA device, while three use SMS-based MFA and t... (read more)
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