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Scam Alert -- Scammers Hide Phishing Con in a Google Doc


Scammers are at it again! A new email con uses Google Docs to disguise a phishing scam. These emails appear to be recruiting you for a new job opportunity, but they are really a way to harvest your password.

How the Scam Works:

You receive an email that seems to come from a human resources professional recruiting you for a position at his/her company. The email seems very professional, with a company logo, signature block and reply email address.According to the message, the HR representative found your resume on LinkedIn and would like you to take a look at the job description. To view this info, just click a link to a Google Doc.

Don't do it! Scammers are using Google Drive to hide a phishing scam. They create a folder inside a Google Drive account, mark it as public and upload a phishing program. When you click on the link, it looks like you are being prompted to log into your Google account. However, it's really a phishing con meant to grab your email and password.


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