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Phishing Enables Domestic Violence. Education Can Help Stop It.

According to estimates, approximately 760 people, or more than two per day, are killed by their partners. Most of the victims are women.1 Making matters worse, abusers use “stalkerware” to track their victims online, cutting off sources of income, isolating them from friends and family, and otherwise trying to control every aspect of their lives.

No surprise, phishing is often the spearpoint for installing stalkerware. That’s why I’m appearing this Thursday, October 11, at the 2018 Domestic Violence and Security Conference in Washington, DC, sponsored by Operation: Safe Escape, a non-profit program that empowers victims. I’ll be drawing on Cofense expertise to share tips for spotting phishing, so attendees can spread the knowledge and protect more lives.

Phishing 101: Equipping Targets with Knowledge

By learning the basics, people targeted by domestic abusers can defend against phishing emails:

Learn to identify phishesExercise caution with embedded linksKnow the dangers...(continued)
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