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Exaramel Malware Reinforces Link Between Industroyer and NotPetya

A new piece of malware discovered a few months ago by researchers at ESET provides more evidence that Industroyer (aka Crashoverride) is linked to the NotPetya wiper.

Industroyer is a piece of ICS-focused malware that was used by threat actors in the December 2016 attack aimed at an electrical substation in Ukraine, which resulted in significant power outages.

Experts have found links between this attack and various threat groups believed to be operating out of Russia, including BlackEnergy, TeleBots, Sandworm, and Electrum. The campaigns attributed to BlackEnergy, TeleBots, Sandworm, and Electrum could have been carried out by one or multiple groups, but overlaps in code, infrastructure and targeting have often made it difficult to make a clear distinction between their activities.

NotPetya — initially believed to be a piece of ransomware and later proven to be a wiper — has also been linked by researchers to BlackEnergy and KillDisk malware, which had been used in the...(continued)

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