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New Backdoor Ties NotPetya and Industroyer to TeleBots Group


Security researchers found the missing link that helps themprove that theNotPetya disk-wiping malware and the Industroyer backdoor for electric power systems are the work of the TeleBots group.

Both pieces of malware were used in attacks against targets in Ukraine and researchers have found cluesin the past pointing to the same actor being behind them, but could confirm this only with "low confidence."

In a report today shared in advance with BleepingComputer, ESET reveals that the link between the two pieces of malware is a new backdoor deployed by TeleBots as the successor for the main Industroyer variant.

Previously, researchers from ESET and Kaspersky relied on the discovery of shared infrastructure and TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures) to support their theory; these do not represent reliable evidence because they can be abandoned over time and picked by a different threat actor.

Code comparison points to the same author

This time, evidence comes from technical...(continued)

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