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Obscure 8 Year old Coding Glitch in jQuery Files!

ObscurejQuery FileCoding Glitch That Existed For 8 Years!

Out of the most well-known plugins of the jQuery framework, reportedly, one has subsisted for more than a couple of years in the oversight code which exposed methods of exploitation.

The jQuery file widget gets affected to a hazardous extent and uploading random files and command shells gets all the easier for cyber-cons. The flaw was unveiled by a researcher of a genuine organization while studying the widget’s code. He could also send commands and run them on the test server he had constructed.
The aforementioned researcher worked with the developer of the plugin and brought in the open the fact that the glitch was triggered by an altercation in the Apache 2.3.9 which by default switched the .htaccess files off, lest not switched on by the user. The main function of these files was to collect and keep safe the security settings of a folder.The plugins that depended on the usage of .htaccess files to restrict...(continued)
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