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Google Play app caught phishing for cryptocurrency exchange login details - TNW


Despite Google’s hardline stance against malicious cryptocurrency apps, some still find ways of sneaking through its net.

Security and malware researcher, Lukas Stefanko, published a video yesterday exposing how a malicious app, distributed via Google’s Play Store, steals the sensitive data from unsuspecting users.

Disguised as a currency conversion tool, the app (called Easy Rates Converter) is actually designed to snatch your personal credentials for a number of legitimate apps. Among other apps, the attackers were targeting CommBank, Google Play, as well as the official app of Binance, one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange desks. According to Stefanko, the app had over 500 downloads.

When the user downloads the app, it installs and operates as you would expect. However, in the background it also downloads and installs phishing malware dressed up as an Adobe Flash update. Sounds familiar.

The malware then waits for its moment to strike.

When you open legitimate...(continued)

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