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Voting machine manual tells officials to reuse weak passwords


Sysadmins will tell you that pathetically weak passwords are, in the words of one Redditor, “crazy normal.”

You have no idea how many Excel sheets containing passwords have “Passw0rd1!” peppered in them.

Right. But in this case, we’re not talking about any old vanilla set of users who get it into their heads, in spite of what one presumes/hopes to be organizational policy to the contrary, to cook up weak and/or iterative passwords. Rather, we’re talking about a vendor manual for voting machines that instructs users – and in this case, that means election officials – to use weak, iterative passwords.

On Monday, Motherboard published a report by Kim Zetter about these manuals, which, Zetter says, are used in about 10 states.

The manuals tell customers to use easy-to-guess, easy-to-crack passwords… and, in spite of the legions of security experts who advise against the practice of password reuse, to go right ahead and reuse those passwords when changing login credentials per...(continued)

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