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MiSafe’s Child-Tracking Smart-Watches Are Not-So-Safe!


MiSafe’s Child-Tracking Smart-Watches Are Not-So-Safe!

Apparently MiSafe location tracking smart-watches that parents lean onto for their children’s safety are not so safe after all as they are fairly vulnerable to hacking.

Evidently, a security researcher stumbled upon the fact that neither the data stored in the smart-watches nor the child’s account was being encrypted by the device.

And what happened as a result was that the researcher could not only have a sneak peek into the activities of the particular child but could also make prank calls pretending to be the child’s parents.

The product was vehemently reprimanded by the researchers because of the problematic issues it entailed.

MiSafe’s Kid’s watcher Plus was repeatedly tried to contact by the researchers about the smart-watch crisis but in vain.

The smart-watch which was brought to public’s knowledge when it was released in 2015 uses the GPS sensor (Global Positioning System) and a mobile data...(continued)
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