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Virologist Tricked for Virus Attack on Debit Card, Loses Over Rs 1 Lakh


Debit card attacks made headlines again as a veteran virologist fall prey to one losing a sum of Rs 1,08,988 from his Citibank account. It was a week ago, the victim who was tricked over a call sought cybercrime police to file a complaint and an investigation was instigated, it was done as part of the bank’s probe into the cheating.
Referenced from the police statements, the fraudster identified himself as a staffer with the associated Citibank by the name of Rajkumar Verma. He proceeded to say, “Your debit card attacked by a virus,” and had the Banglore based doctor fooled and consequently convinced after providing some personal details of the mildly popular octogenarian in the city. In the sphere of pathology, the doctor has an international participation in various top medical forums.
Reportedly, the attacker alarmed the doctor by saying that his bank card was vulnerable and could be attacked by a virus and hence needs urgent fixing in order to ensure safety...(continued)
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