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DirtyCOW Is Back In Backdoor Attack Targeting Drupal Web Servers


Threat actors are using the DirtyCOW bug to exploit a backdoor in Drupal Web Servers.

Impreva researcher Nadav Avital spotted the attack on Oct. 31 exploiting the Drupalgeddon2andDirtyCOW, bugs as well as system misconfigurations topersistently infect vulnerable Drupal web servers and take over user machines, according to a Nov. 19 blog post.

Researchers noted this is unusual as previously remote code execution (RCE) attacks on web servers were usually once-off security events in which the attacker would run their code and that was it.

But as attackers started opting for persistent attacks they could more easily re-infect vulnerable servers in case the process was terminated or after a server restart, or even run additional malware.

“First, the attacker builds a word list by locating all of Drupal’s settings files and extracting any line with the word “pass” in it,” Avital said. “Then, armed with a potential list of passwords, the attacker tries to use the operating system...(continued)

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