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Rowhammer Attacks Can Now Bypass ECC Memory Protections - Slashdot

Catalin Cimpanu, reporting for ZDNet: Academics from the Vrije University in Amsterdam, Holland, have published a research paper this week describing a new variation of the Rowhammer attack. For readers unfamiliar with the term, Rowhammer is the name of a class of exploits that takes advantage of a hardware design flaw in modern memory cards. By default, a memory card stores temporary data inside storage units named cells, which are arranged on the physical silicon chip in multiple rows, in the form of a grid. [...] In research [PDF] published today, named ECCploit, academics expanded the previous Rowhammer techniques with yet another variation. This one, they said, bypasses ECC memory, one of the memory protections that hardware makers said could detect and prevent Rowhammer attacks in the past.

ECC stands for Error-Correcting Code and is a type of memory storage included as a control mechanism with high-end RAM, typically deployed with expensive or mission-critical...(continued)

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