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Channel Ship Services hacked by TheDarkOverlord; has maritime security been compromised?

When TheDarkOverlord hacked Channel Ship Services, they not only acquired personal data that could be misused for fraud, but they claim they also acquired information that can jeopardize maritime security.

According to Jersey-based Channel Ship Services’ website, CSS Limited provides highly qualifiedpermanent and contract specialist personnel to the global offshore industry. Those personnel have recently had some of their personal data hacked by the hacker(s) known as TheDarkOverlord (TDO).

As anyone who has followed TheDarkOverlord’s criminal activities for the last 2+ years knows, TDO does not take kindly to having their “requests” ignored or refused. From the fact that this site is reporting on the breach, one can infer that CSS did not cooperate with TDO.

TDO did not provide with copies of any of the communications between them and CSS, so does not know the amount of any request TDO may have made, although a tweet on November 18 from...(continued)

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