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This Company Wants to Use the Blockchain to Stop Phishing - WIRED


Phishing just won’t go away. Nearly three-quarters of organizations polled by security company Proofpoint saw phishing attacks last year. Sometimes attackers are able to fool even security-savvy users.

A company called MetaCert is trying to fight phishing emails with an extraordinarily simple method. The company has spent seven years compiling a database of web addresses known to be used by phishers, and the company and its users are constantly reporting more. Just as important, it also has a database of known "safe" addresses used by the companies hackers like to spoof: banks, payment services like PayPal, and online retailers. MetaCert's software uses those databases to check the links in your email and place a little green shield next to known good links, a little red shield next to known phishing sites, and a gray shield next to unknown sites.

Of course, there are plenty of other tools for blocking phishing scams, ideally before they hit your inbox, typically through a...(continued)

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