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More Than 100,000 PCs in China Infected by New Ransomware Strain


A new ransomware strain successfully infected more than 100,000 personal computers in China over a period of just four days.

According to a report from Velvet Security, the first samples of this ransomware broke out on 1 December after users installed multiple social media-themed apps including “Account Operation V3.1,” an app designed to help users manage multiple QQ accounts. The Chinese anti-virus firm subsequently monitored the threat over the next few days. By the evening of 4 December, firm had identified at least 100,000 infections by the yet-unnamed virus.

A screenshot of the ransomware. (Source: ZDNet)

This particular threat stands out for several reasons. First, it doesn’t just lock users’ computers and encrypt their files. It also comes with a component designed to steal victims’ login credentials for Chinese digit wallet services, personal cloud file hosting platforms, email providers and online shopping portals.

Second, the ransomware doesn’t use Bitcoin for its...(continued)

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