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10 Steps to Recover from a Hacked Website


A website getting hacked isn’t really news today; it has become an almost common thing. So, what should you do if your website is hacked? How can you work on recovering things and bouncing back? Well, it’s not that difficult. Here’s a look at some easy steps that could help in the recovery process:

Step 1 – Inform hosting company, do some research of your own

The first thing that you need to do is inform your hosting company or the person who is hosting your website. The host may be able to fix it for you and they should also check if other websites on the server have been affected. Doing some research of your own is also good. You could look for tips on online forums, communities, etc. and you can contact experts/specialists who could be of help.

Step 2 – Turn off and quarantine your website

Turn off the website to quarantine it until the issue is identified and resolved. You could also point your website’s DNS entries to a static page on a different server that...(continued)

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