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Kids’ VTech tablets vulnerable to eavesdropping hackers


VTech, the Hong-Kong-based smart-toy maker has hit another bump in the road.

This time around, it’s a serious security flaw in the software of VTech’s flagship tablet, the Storio Max, which is called the InnoTab Max in the UK. The flaw could allow hackers to remotely take control of the device and spy on the 3- to 11-year-old children for whom it’s marketed.

The vulnerability was discovered earlier this year by Elliott Thompson, a security consultant with the London penetration-testing firm SureCloud. On Wednesday, SureCloud said in a post that Thompson had found a vulnerable service enabled on the tablet that could be exploited by a script placed on a website, where a child could visit it, trigger the flaw and be none the wiser.

An attacker would then gain full root control over the device, including access to its webcam, speakers and microphone. In other words, an attacker could eavesdrop on a child using the tablet or talk to them.

The Max tablets are designed to enable...(continued)

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