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Networking trends and news: 2018 year in review

Image: Funtap, Getty Images/iStockphoto

Security and wireless bandwidth were the top computer networking subjects of 2018. Those topics were no great surprise. Here are some highlights from these networking topics and others, as documented in TechRepublic and our sister site ZDNet.

Security has been a network concern almost since the start of networking itself. This year saw an unprecedented 1.7 terabits-per-second distributed denial-of-service attack; however, the new TLS 1.3 data encryption standard could help ensure that data may be inaccessible but never useful to criminals.

The security field also got a wake-up call that even the best cost-free VPNs are still not trustworthy. As such, it could be a game-changer that World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee supported a new open-source project called Solid to help protect your data. The idea is to implement standards to let users, not content owners or service providers, own and control personal information. It's...(continued)

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