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Unlocking Android phones with a 3D-printed head


Not everyone is a fan of it, but it’s hard to argue convincingly that facial recognition isn’t going to play a role in the future of technology.

The newest Apple iPhones and Android smartphones have built-in facial recognition features that can unlock your device, but you would be wrong to think that the reliability and accuracy of the features is comparable.

After all, in the past, owners of Samsung Android phones have demonstrated how devices can be unlocked by pointing it at the face of a sleeping person or even with just a photograph.

It’s true to say that the facial recognition technology built into handsets has improved in recent years. And as it has become more reliable, more users are likely to use it as their primary method of unlocking a phone rather than having to remember a sequence of numbers or a password.

Forbes journalist Thomas Brewster wanted to find out just how well a variety of Android phones and a top-of-the-range Apple iPhone would fare against a...(continued)

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