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Update now! WordPress 5.0.1 release fixes seven flaws


With WordPress 5.0 ‘Bebo’ out of the gate, the next job is to patch the flaws that have accumulated since the last Security and Maintenance release in July.

The update for that job is this week’s WordPress 5.0.1, which backports security fixes all the way to version 3.7, excepting a small number of documented compatibility issues.

The numbers don’t sound that bad – only seven flaws that needed fixing – but it includes some significant ones that deserve admin attention.

PHP unserialization

The best-publicised of the crop is probably that revealed by Secarma researcher Sam Thomas at August’s Black Hat conference, who spotted a way to feed malicious inputs to the PHP unserialization function.

Serialisation involves taking an object and converting it into plaintext – the danger arises when that is converted back into an object that has been maliciously-crafted.

It’s a type of flaw researchers are now investigating across other applications. In the context of WordPress, said...(continued)

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