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Kanye West tops the charts for year’s worst password pratfall


What do Nutella, the Pentagon, Kanye West and cryptocurrency owners have in common?

They’re all really really bad at passwords.

In fact, they’re the top four when it comes to password craptitude, according to an annual list of the worst password offenders put out by password managing app Dashlane. Dashlane released the list on Wednesday. It made us laugh and it made us cry.

Emmanuel Schalit, Dashlane CEO, had this to say in a press release:

Passwords are the first line of defense against cyberattacks. Weak passwords, reused passwords, and poor organizational password management can easily put sensitive information as risk.

Yup, word on that. Here are Dashlane’s top 10 most egregious password offenders for 2018, starting with the worst:

Kanye West: Not only did he expose the president and the media to a 10-minute long, expletive-laced tirade at the White House in October, he also pulled out an iPhone XS to show the assembled throng a picture of the hydrogen-powered aircraft...(continued)
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