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Facebook has filed patents to predict our future locations


Facebook filed a patent, titled “Offline Trajectories,” last weekin which it proposes predicting users’ “location trajectories” – in other words, where we’re likely headed. Knowing when we’re about to hurtle into a no-WiFi-connection limbo means Facebook can “prefill” our phones with content and ads.

It knows enough to know a lot more

As Facebook described in the patent application, it would use machine learning to analyze metadata associated with users who already found themselves in whatever geographic location that you’re heading toward.

Of course, Facebook’s mobile app is one of hundreds that constantly track our location, so it’s already got a good basis to predict all those little circuits that we circle in our daily lives.

Leaving home at 08:07? Check. Hopping on the subway, where you can never get a connection? Oooh, maybe you need to have your phone pre-stuffed with content… like, say, that Spotify song you were jamming out to before you submerged. Working...(continued)

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