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WordPress version 5.0.1 addressed several vulnerabilities

This week, the WordPress development team released on Thursday theversion 5.0.1of the popular CMS, that addresses several flaws.

The Researcher Tim Coen discovered several cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in the CMS. One of the flaws is caused by the ability of contributors to edit new comments from users with higher privileges.
Coenalso discovered that it is possible to trigger XSS flaws by using specially crafted URL input against some plugins.

Coen along with the researcherSlavco Mihajloskidiscovered an XSS vulnerability that allows authors on websites running on Apache servers to upload specially crafted files that bypass the MIME verification.

“Prior to 5.0.1, WordPress did not require uploaded files to pass MIME type verification, so files could be uploaded even if the contents didn’t match the file extension. For example, a binary file could be uploaded with a .jpg extension,”wroteWordPress developer Ian Dunn. “This is no longer the case, and the content...(continued)

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