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Shamoon Malware Re-Emerges


Mounir Hahad, head of theJuniper Threat Labs, lent some perspective to news thata new variant of theShamoon malware was discoveredon the network of Italian oil and gas contractor Saipem.

Mounir Hahad, Head atJuniper Threat Labs:

“This version of the Shamoon destroyer packs the same punch as previous attacks, but was made more difficult to study as no indication of the intended victim is present in the malware itself, unlike previous versions. This variation will render any system it infects unusable by overwriting a key hard drive section called the Master Boot Record with random data. Unlike the previous variant, this one does not attempt to spread, which leads us to believe that the attack vector and the method of infecting more systems is yet to be discovered.

The good news from a victim’s perspective is that some data can still be restored and the systems can definitely be brought back to life by using backups. Several anti-malware technologies, including Juniper’s JATP...(continued)

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