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Why Using a VPN is a Good Idea – and How to Get Over the Drawbacks


It’s relatively common knowledge that utilizing a VPN (virtual private network) solution will secure your internet connection, whether for professional or personal purposes. Using a VPN is safer than not using one—but many people take issue with the fact that some VPN software slows down their internet connection significantly.

The solution to that hurdle is not to stop using a VPN altogether. Instead, it’s a good idea to choose a good provider with many IP and location options, with great ping and download speeds. This research on comparative VPN speed in 2018 will show you the benchmarks to look for.

There is no question that using a VPN can add a huge amount of security to your internet connection. Here’s why using a VPN is a good idea – and how you can get over some of the drawbacks.

Why Using a VPN is Better Than Not Using a VPN

At first blush, installing and consistently using a VPN may seem like a headache. After all, you may just want to jump on the internet for...(continued)

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