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Incident Response In The Public Eye


Cyberattacks happen constantly. Every day organizations are attackers online whether they realize it or not. Most of these attacks are passing affairs. The mere fact that systems are on to the internet makes them a target of opportunity. For the most part, these attacks are non-events.

Security software, bugs in attack code, and updated applications stop most attacks. With 20 billion+ devices connected to the internet, it’s easy enough for the attack to move on.

But every couple of weeks there is a big enough attack to draw headlines. You’ve seen a steady stream of them over the past few years. 10 million records here, thousands of systems there, and so on.

When we talk about these attacks, for most people, it’s an abstract discussion. It’s hard to visualize an abstract set of data that lives online somewhere.

The recent attack on the Tribune Publishing network is different. This attack had a real world impact. Around the United States, newspapers arrived late and missing...(continued)

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