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Twitter let someone promote an obvious PayPal phishing scam - The Next Web


Phishing scams are nothing new, but it’s certainly unusual to see them show up in your Twitter timeline as a promoted tweet. Nevertheless, earlier this evening, I came across this promoted post from the (since deleted) account @PaypalChristm.

The account purported to be a legitimate PayPal account and promoted an end-of-year sweepstakes event. While it didn’t explicitly say what the prizes were, it dangled the prospect of a new car and an iPhone in-front of the potential marks. To be in with a chance of winning, all you must do is verify your details.

Except, it’s a fake. Sorry, I said the words. I’ve got to use the GIF here.

Yeah, anyway. There were several tell-tale clues that @PaypalChristm wasn’t exactly kosher. For starters, in the phishing URL, it misspelled “PayPal” as “Paypall.” Furthermore, the tweet came from an unverified account with fewer than 100 followers. And then there’s the fact that the image on the promoted tweet just wasn’t congruent with PayPal’s...(continued)

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