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Zerodium Offers $2 Million for iOS Hacks, $1 Million for Chat App Exploits

Exploit acquisition firm Zerodium on Monday announced that it’s offering significantly higher payouts for many types of exploits, including up to $2 million for remote iOS jailbreaks and $1 million for vulnerabilities in popular chat applications.

Zerodium is now prepared to pay up to $2 million for persistent iOS jailbreaks that can be executed remotely without any user interaction – the amount has been increased from $1.5 million. Hackers can now earn $1.5 million for a remote iOS jailbreak that requires minimal user interaction (i.e. one click).

Payouts for remote code execution vulnerabilities affecting WhatsApp, iMessage or SMS/MMS applications have now doubled to $1 million.

Researchers can earn half a million dollars if they sell their Chrome (on Android) and Safari (on iOS) exploits to Zerodium, but their exploits must include remote code execution, privilege escalation and a sandbox escape.

It’s also worth noting that local PIN or TouchID bypass techniques for...(continued)

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