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gganimate: Animate YouR Security Analysis, (Wed, Jan 9th)


I regularly challenge myself and others to visualize the results of their analysis, when and where the data permits it. The likes ofggplot2enables this beautifully for R users. Then, in September 2018,gganimatehit my radar viaR-bloggersand I had an epiphany.

“gganimate extends the grammar of graphics as implemented by ggplot2 to include the description of animation. It does this by providing a range of new grammar classes that can be added to the plot object in order to customize how it should change with time.”

WhileThomas’sgganimate examples are intriguing, and triggered my notions for deeper visualization opportunities, they were contextually unrelated to my goals. As such, I endeavored to provide example data sets and applicability for information security and assurance analysis. As purveyors of security analysis services, my team is perpetually faced with solving problems at massive scale, yet finding intelligent, accurate answers in the sea of data. While a static...(continued)

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