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IoT weaknesses leave hot tub owners in deep water


For decades hot tubs were simple water-bearing garden luxuries that owners looked forward to relaxing in of an evening.

More recently, manufacturers started adding exciting Internet of Things (IoT) features that product marketing departments worked themselves into a lather promoting as the next must-have.

These IoT-enabled hot tubs look identical to the old ones except that owners can now remotely adjust things such as water temperature using a smartphone app.

No prizes for guessing what’s coming next – according to UK security outfit Pen Test Partners,it looks as if at least one hot tub maker left robust security off the to-do list.

In a video filmed from a hot tub, founder Ken Munro explains how his company was tipped off to look more closely at the authentication design of the app used to control hot tubs or spas made by Balboa Water Group (BWG).

What they found reads like a useful definition of how not to do IoT security.

The app communicates directly with a Wi-Fi...(continued)

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