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New Tool Automates Phishing Attacks That Bypass 2FA - Slashdot

105600572 story Posted by msmash on Wednesday January 09, 2019 @01:50PM from the tussle-continues dept. A new penetration testing tool published at the start of the year by a security researcher can automate phishing attacks with an ease never seen before and can even blow through login operations for accounts protected by two-factor authentication (2FA). From a report: Named Modlishka --the English pronunciation of the Polish word for mantis -- this new tool was created by Polish researcher Piotr Duszynski. Modlishka is what IT professionals call a reverse proxy, but modified for handling traffic meant for login pages and phishing operations. It sits between a user and a target website -- like Gmail, Yahoo, or ProtonMail. Phishing victims connect to the Modlishka server (hosting a phishing domain), and the reverse proxy component behind it makes requests to the site it wants to impersonate. The victim receives authentic content from the legitimate site --let's say for...(continued)
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