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“Crafty Cockney,” associate of thedarkoverlord, fighting extradition to the U.S. after being charged with hacking, extorting, U.S. medical entities in 2016

Joseph Curtis reports that Nathan Wyatt, who was jailed on fraud charges in the U.K. but has been released from prison there, is now fighting extradition to the U.S. on charges he was involved with hacking and extorting U.S. medical entities as part of thedarkoverlord.

Nathan Wyatt, aka “Crafty Cockney.” File photo.

This journalist had interviewed Wyatt exclusively prior to his first arrest in September, 2016, on charges relating to the hack and attempted sale of pictures of Pippa Middleton. Wyatt was not jailed on those charges, however, and this journalist had been told by him that the royal family had intervened so as to avert a court case that might lead to the production of embarrassing photos. Whether that is true or not, this journalist cannot say as lawyers for Wyatt did not respond to inquiries sent at the time.

But Wyatt had also talked extensively with about his relationship with thedarkoverlord, which included, he said, teaching...(continued)

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