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Phishing scams keep getting smarter, making them difficult to spot - BGR


It’s a sad reality that phishing scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated, often making it hard for even savvy users to differentiate between legitimate messages and ones designed to abscond with sensitive personal and financial information. Just a few days ago, for example, we covered an iPhone phishing scam that manages to trick users into thinking they’re receiving a legitimate phone call from Apple tech support.

Phone-based phishing scams, though, are arguably a tad easier to detect than web-based phishing scams. That said, scammers over the past few years have done an impressive job of constructing websites that, even upon close inspection, look remarkably close to legitimate sites like PayPal and eBay. Speaking to the trickery that some scammers are implementing with their phishing schemes, Paul Walsh on Twitter today posted a snapshot which illustrates how easy it is for even a cautious user to fall prey to a phishing scam.

As the saying goes, a picture is...(continued)

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