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El Chapo was brought down by a sysadmin


It’s time to crown a new sysadmin From hell. Or from heaven, if you’re law enforcement. His name is Cristian Rodríguez: a Colombian IT geek who wound up working for drug kingpin “El Chapo” Joaquin Guzmán, got flipped by the FBI, and is likely going to go down in history as being the man most responsible for (probably) sending his ex-boss to jail – likely, for life.

On Tuesday, two months into Guzmán’s trial in Brooklyn, the FBI admitted that agents had cracked the communications between El Chapo and his associates (and his wife and mistresses) by enlisting Guzmán’s help to move a custom encryption system from Canada into the Netherlands and to then hand over the encryption keys.

For a detailed look at the drug lord’s systems engineer, his background, the story of how he got recruited by multiple cartels, and the work he carried out at their behest, check out USA Today’s coverage.

New York Times reporter Alan Feuer recounted a summary given in court by FBI special agent...(continued)

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