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NotPetya an ‘act of war,’ cyber insurance firm taken to task for refusing to pay out


A lawsuit has been launched against Zurich Insurance Group by Mondelez in a bid to seek a reported $100 million in damages after an insurance claim was not paid out in relation to a NotPetya cyberattack.

The case, filed with the Cook County court in Illinois (case: 2018 L 011008), alleges that Spanish food giant Mondelez' insurance company Zurich did not pay out following the attack, which took place in 2017.

An outbreak of NotPetya impacted businesses worldwide, including TNT, Ukrainian banks, energy companies, airports, and shipping giant Maersk.

In Mondelez' case, factories were disrupted and production stopped as staff struggled to wrestle back control of their computers. In turn, the NotPetya attack would have hit the firm's profit margins.

NotPetya is a type of ransomware similar to Petya but it received a raft of upgrades and increased in sophistication before being released to the point researchers separated the malware out into its own family.

The ransomware...(continued)

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