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Fake Movie File Infects PC to Steal Cryptocurrency, Poison Google Results


A malicious Windows shortcut file posing as a movie via The Pirate Bay torrent tracker can trigger a chain of mischievous activities on your computer,like injecting content from the attacker into high-profile web sites such as Wikipedia, Google and YandexSearchor by stealing cryptocurrency.

Malware on TPB is not a new thing, but the method used to infect a victim's computer and the large amount of varied malicious activities discovered by BleepingComputer are quite interesting.

Not the kind of entertainment for a movie fan

It startedwhen security researcher 0xffff0800found a nasty surprise in the files for the movie The Girl in the Spider's Web (official trailer- it's a hacker movie) downloaded from TPB. At that time, the movie had 2,375 seeders.

Instead of a video file, he found a .LNK shortcut that executed a PowerShell command. The icon of the file attracted his attention, so he ran it through VirusTotal antivirus scanning service.

The results returned a low detection...(continued)

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