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Ryuk Ransomware Partners with TrickBot to Gain Access to Infected Networks


Historically, Ryuk has been considered a targeted ransomwarethat scopes out a target, gained accessvia Remote Desktop Services or other direct methods, stole credentials, and then targeted high profile data and servers to extort the highest ransom amount possible.

Ryuk has been ahigh profile ransomware due to its wide impact on the networks it infects, high ransom demands, and reports of having earned close to 3.7 million dollars. Just recently, Ryuk was used in an attack that affected the newspaper distribution for large publications such asWall Street Journal, New York Times, and Los Angeles Times.

New researchnow indicates that the Ryuk actors may be renting other malware as an Access-as-a-Service to gain entrance to a network.

Innew reports by both FireEye and CrowdStrike, researchers explain how TrickBot isbeing used by other actors to get access to an infected networks. Once these bots infect a computer, they would create reverse shells back to other actors, such as...(continued)

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