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Force or Phorce? Police warn against fake SPF website phishing for confidential details - The Straits Times


SINGAPORE - Just four months after two men were jailed for their role in police impersonation scams here, yet another scam of the sort has reared its ugly head.

On Saturday (Jan 12), the police issued an advisory about a police impersonation scam in the form of a fake Singapore Police Force (SPF) website.

In this scam, victims would typically receive calls from scammers, claiming that the victims are the holders of bank accounts with large amounts of money. The scammers would further claim that the victims are suspected of being involved in criminal activities such as money laundering.

Victims would then be given a link to a website that resembles the SPF website.

While on the site, they would be asked to provide confidential information such as credit card details and Internet banking credentials, purportedly for investigation purposes.

However, the site would actually be a phishing site in disguise, designed to extract personal information and banking details from...(continued)

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