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Tech Support Scams: Second Byte at the Cherry


Is there really anything new to be said about tech support scams? Unfortunately, the FTC tells us there is. Not only because people are still falling prey to this type of fraud, but because the scammers are still finding new approaches to harvesting their victims’ credit card details. Some quite interesting, sophisticated technical tricks are used to persuade you that:

  1. you have a problem with your computer
  2. that the scammer knows or could possibly know anything about your computer
  3. that the scammer needs you to give him access to your computer so that he can prove to you that the problem is real and to enable him to ‘fix’ it for you.

But sometimes a more generic social engineering approach also turns up, and one of these has been flagged by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In brief, Nicole Vincent Fleming tells us that support scammers are calling back and offering a refund.

As it happens, I’ve seen a couple of reports in the past year or two that have suggested a somewhat...(continued)

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