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GreyEnergy: Welcome to 2019

Early January, an interesting malware sample has been disclosed through the InfoSec community: a potential GreyEnergy implant still under investigation. Figure 1. Possible GreyEnergy sample

This kind of threat, previously analyzed by third party firms, contains similarities with the infamous BlackEnergy malware, used in the attacks against the Ukrainian energy industry back in 2015.

The Cybaze-Yoroi ZLAB researchers dissected this new sample to investigate its attribution.

Background – Past Research

According to a recent ESETreport, GreyEnergy malware is part of the new cyber arsenal of the BlackEnergy APT group, whose main toolset was last seen back in 2015 during the Ukraine power grid cyber-attack. It typically spreads through two different vectors:

  1. perimeter breach, for instance compromising company’s websites;
  2. spear-phishing emails and malicious attachments.

The GreyEnergy implant is also known as “FELIXROOT” backdoor: FireEye researchers published a technicalarticleon...(continued)

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