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IVR – A Response to Automated Calling


The FCC and most consumers are getting annoyed of “illegitimate” automated calling systems from calling. Most automated calling systems are hiding behind a spoofed caller ID, and blocking the number is not possible. Consumers that are really annoyed are looking for practical solutions. Furthermore, the FCC is pushing for caller authentication in 2019 to remove the “illegitimate” uses of caller ID spoofing, meaning that any automated call using a legitimate number will always get through. Asterisk/FreePBX can help mitigate automated calls by using an IVR (interactive voice response).

What is FreePBX and Asterisk?

FreePBX and Asterisk are open-source projects that allow companies or individuals to put a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) on their network. FreePBX allows for a graphical configuration of Asterisk using a web interface. FreePBX is not actually needed if you are comfortable with command line configuration of Asterisk. Asterisk is the framework that allows anyone to...(continued)

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