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Attackers used a LinkedIn job ad and Skype call to breach bank’s defences


Last week, Chilean Senator Felipe Harboe took to Twitter with alarming news – he had got wind that the company running the country’s ATM inter-bank network, Redbanc, had suffered a serious cyberattack at the end of December.

Two days later, not long before a local news site published a story offering more detail, Redbanc issued a public admission that the attack had happened, confirming little beyond the statement that its network had not been disrupted and continued functioning normally.

[translated] This event had no impact on our operations, keeping our services running smoothly. As established in our protocols, we kept the different industry players and authorities informed at all times, with total transparency and spirit of collaboration.

Cyberattacks happen all the time, of course, but this one piqued people’s curiosity for several reasons.

The first was that this was a cyberattack on a company that connects and manages the ATM network for a whole country.

In banking...(continued)

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