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Exclusive – MalwareMustDie Team analyzed the Cayosin Botnet and its criminal ecosystem

Cayosin Botnet: a deeper look at this threat supported by the psychological profile of the “youngsters-wannabe-hackers” Rolex boasters

Money,botnet as service business and coding on the dark side of the life: “At thispoint of my life… if it doesn’t make me money,I don’t make time for it”, is stated in the picture below.

Orelsewhere the same threat actor pronounces a more blatantly made statement in asentence that sounds like “I am not scared by the death, I am scared more tonot live a pleasant life.”

Image downloaded by Odisseus
from the Instagram profile of the threat actor

This is the “new” motto of those youngsters-wannabe-hackers: botnet providers,sellers, coders, “boaters” driving in the night with the laptop ever connectedaside. In the imaginary world of a teen the adults world becomes a violentjungle dominated by the dark colors of the delirium of omnipotence. Botnet, packet flooding, bots, power ofattack: “I don’t care how many and what bots I have, all I care is...(continued)

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