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GandCrab ransomware campaign targets Italy using steganography

A newly discovered malware campaign leverages steganography to hide GandCrab ransomware in an apparently innocent Mario image.

Security experts at Bromium have discovered a malware campaign using steganography to hide the GandCrab ransomware in a Mario graphic package.

According to Matthew Rowan, a researcher at Bromium, threat actors use steganographyto hide the malicious code and avoid AV detection.

The steganography is used in conjunction with heavily obfuscated Microsoft PowerShell commands that attackers have hidden within the color channels of a picture of Mario, in a particularly manipulating
blue and green pixels.

Steganographic techniques such as using the low-bits from pixel values are clearly not new, but it’s rare that we see this kind of thing inmalspam; even atBromium,where we normally see slightlymoreadvanced malware that evaded the rest of the endpoint security stack.” reads the analysis published by Rowan.

“A manual re-shuffle to de-obfuscate the code...(continued)

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