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Windows95 v2.0 Let's You Play DOOM, Wolfenstein 3D, and More


Do you miss the days of being able to run a simpler operating system such as Windows 95 and to useit to run some popular games like Doom, Wolfensteing 3D, and Grand Prix Circuit? Even better do you want to run it on newer operating systems like Linux, macOS, and Windows 10?

Now you can, with the release of Windows 95 being distributed as an Electron application.

Electron is a open source framework that allows developers to create self-contained applications using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and a web browser. These Electron packages contain all of the required programs and support files that an application needs torun so that they are easily distributed.

In August 2018, Electron developerFelix Riesebergreleased a new Electron project on GitHub called Windows 95 that uses the v86 X86virtualization library to load a Windows 95 imageusing JavaScript. When launched, the application will display a working Windows 95 desktop environment with some built in apps as can be seen below.


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